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Bike & Barrel - Schioppettino

Bike & Barrel - Schioppettino

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A dry Italian variety packed with fruit notes. The Schioppettino was almost extinct in the 1900’s due to the phylloxera epidemic that swept Europe. Schioppettino means “little crack” or “gunshot”, the name is to have come from a characteristic of the grape which means it grows so tightly filled that it cracks open in the mouth. 

Grown predominantly in the Northeast of Italy and Slovenia, family owned and run Bike & Barrel is one of the few producers in Australia. Bike & Barrel Schioppettino has tart red fruit flavour, with the aroma of pepper. It is fresh, juicy with high but fine tannin, medium body and medium alcohol. A wine which is imminently drinkable.

Alc/Vol 13.4%

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