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Brown Brothers - Prosecco Zero

Brown Brothers - Prosecco Zero

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With four generations and 130 years of winemaking under their belt, Brown Brothers are a local and Australian institution. Brown Brothers have helped recognise King Valley as the home of premium Australian Prosecco, and have a diverse range of wines sure to suit any tastebud.

Crafted for a new range of Australian palates, Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero, with less than 0.5% alcohol, is a lively drink that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Bursting with the flavour of green apples and a zesty finish on the palate, this sophisticated Prosecco based beverage can be enjoyed on any occasion.

It’s the perfect wine to share for a fun night that is alcohol free. While delicious on its own, Prosecco Ultra low is perfect with lighter seafood dishes like whiting fillets served with steamed broccolini and a lemon infused oil dressing.

<0.5% alc/vol

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