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Darling Estate - Aligoté 2019

Darling Estate - Aligoté 2019

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Darling Estate’s Koombahla vineyard is on the hillside in the upper king Valley.  The property has been in the Darling family for more than 100 years and since 1990 brings a focus on French winemaking styles to this predominantly Italian area.

Most grown in the Burgundy region of France, where it is the second most common white grown after Chardonnay. Yet, Darling Estate is one of only two vineyards in Australia growing Aligoté.

With the aroma of apple and citrus, the 2019 Aligoté has high acidity and minerality and is medium bodied.

This wine makes a  beautiful aperitif wine, or pair with rich, spicy and salty foods as well as light seafood, creamy cheeses or pastas.

12.8% alc/vol

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