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Ferraro Wines - Vermentino

Ferraro Wines - Vermentino

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A small, boutique winery in the Alpine Valley established lovingly tended by Tony and Josie Ferraro, who are continuing a family tradition of grape growing and wine making for over 50 years.

The Vermentino is a light bodied white wine mostly cultivated in the Italian island of Sardinia.

The Ferraro Wines Vermentino is mid-yellow in colour and shows floral aroma typical of the varietal with a hint of citrus. Although light, it is surprisingly complex and has a subtle bitterness to finish with notes of almond. It’s a varietal that definitely punches above its weight.

Pair with medium weight dishes of chicken, oily fish and spiced pork sausages as well as with BBQ or roast vegetables and crumbly and salty cheeses.

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