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King River Estate - Flying Duck Rosé

King River Estate - Flying Duck Rosé

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* 2021 - Last few bottles available at King Valley Wine Cellars, sold out at the vineyard

The King River Estate Flying Duck Rosé is a stunning Rosé reminiscent of a true Provencale style, with excellent soft sweetness on the nose and a hint of fruit sweetness at the front of the palate, finishing with a mellow dryness, a hint of strawberries and rose petal. With a hidden complexity, this is a best selling wine from King River Estate Flying Duck and one that they are rightly proud of.

Drink with a classic seafood meal, grilled chicken, pasta and light rice dishes as well as creamy cheeses. Also makes a lovely aperitif wine, served chilled and savoured without food.

King River Estate is located on the banks of the King River in the King Valley and uses a traditional yet innovative approach to winemaking allowing for natural fermentation resulting in complex, soft and textural wines.

2021 Alc/Vol 12.8% ABV
2022 Alc/Vol 12.0% ABV

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