Michelini Wines - Nebbiolo 2021

Michelini Wines - Nebbiolo 2021

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The Michelini family are makers of fine Italian style wines. The family originate from the Trentino Alto Adige region of the Italian Alps where they have been making wine for more than 150 years. Their first Australian vineyard was established in the Buckland Valley in 1982.

The Michelini Wines Nebbiolo 2021 is a thinking person's wine: Subtle yet bold, simple yet complex. Nebbiolo (“Nebby-oh-low”) is a full-bodied red wine more famously known from the Piedmont region in Italy. Nebbiolo is one of the worlds great wine varieties. Combining power and grace, it is a wine that is at once alluring and satisfying.

14% alc/vol // 8.3 standard drinks

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