Mt Terrible - Pinot Noir Rose 2023

Mt Terrible - Pinot Noir Rose 2023

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This Rose is made by the Saignee ("bleeding") method.  Grapes from the Mount Terrible vineyard are hand-picked at full ripeness, chilled, sorted, crushed and destemmed as for Pinot, but after 24 hours' soaking in contact with skins, a predetermined quantity of juice is siphoned off the unfermented must, transferred to a stainless steel tank and fermented to dryness with no oak contact.  The wine is not allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation and is bottled after fining and filtration. 

Unlike most Roses, this wine has a relatively high alcohol content and contains no unfermented sugar.  It is best drunk within two years.

13.5% abv // 8.0 Std drinks

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