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Pipan Steel - Nebbiolo Teroso 2018

Pipan Steel - Nebbiolo Teroso 2018

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Premium Nebbiolo Blend

Tesoro is Italian for ‘treasure’. The tesoro premium blend is the optimum combination of all three Pipan Steel Nebbiolo Clones, showing the fine textured savouriness of Clone X, layered with the perfume of Clone IX and the backbone of Clone VII. The warm vintage in 2018 has produced a richly satisfying tesoro blend.

41% Clone VII, 35% Clone IX, 24% Clone X,

14% Alc, Unfiltered

95pts GOLD Halliday Rating:

A blend of three clones: 41/35/24% VII/IX/X. Air please! Tesoro loves a swish or three of air, or a full decant – then watch it transform. A combination of florals and savoury earthy notes brings this dark-fruited beauty to life on the bouquet. The palate remains taut as a drum, enjoying a waiting game, which is a favourite pastime of the variety. Tied together tightly at this stage by clone VII, with its well-defined astringent tannins. Allow time for the other clones to make their presence felt. It will be worth it.
Jeni Port, Published 06 July 2023

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