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Red Feet Wines - Syrah 2018

Red Feet Wines - Syrah 2018

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Red Feet Wines is King Valley’s newest winery. Red Feet Wines started out by planting three rows of Sangiovese in 2010, every year adding a few more.  They now have 1.2 acres of Sangiovese, 0.6 acres of Nebbiolo a little Tempranillo and Zinfandel. All their current release wines are made from grapes grown in vineyards within the King Valley.

Syrah is the original name for what we are used to calling Shiraz. Its origins are in the Rhone Valley in France, and it is usually more subtle than a big-berry warm climate Aussie Shiraz.

The Red Feet Syrah 2018 is powerful and intense yet refined with white pepper, spiced plum and blackberry with a silky oak finish.

Pair with Mediterranean style dishes, garlic roast chicken, smoked cheeses, and even dark chocolate mousse!

14.0% alc/vol

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