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Red Feet Wines - Tempranillo 2018

Red Feet Wines - Tempranillo 2018

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Red Feet Wines is King Valley’s newest winery. Red Feet Wines started out by planing three rows of Sangiovese in 2010, every year adding a few more.  They now have have 1.2 acres of Sangiovese, 0.6 acres of Nebbiolo a little Tempranillo and Zinfandel.

All their current release wines are made from grapes grown in vineyards within the King Valley.

The 2018 Tempranillo is a cracker, it’s soft though generous. with violets, dark cherry and red currants with a hint of cloves and vanilla to finish.

This vintage is now SOLD OUT. Watch this space, we'll be bringing you some newer vintages soon!

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