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Symphonia - Pinot Meunier 2022

Symphonia - Pinot Meunier 2022

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Symphonia Pinot Meunier 2022

Pinot Meunier is distinguishable by the soft white down on the underside of its leaves which gives the impression that they have been dusted by flour, hence the name Meunier french for 'Miller'. Often grown alongside Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier is well suited to our elevated cool climate King Valley vineyard.

The thin black skins of the grape produce a wine that is pale in colour and delicate in aroma. The palate is softly fruited with cherries, blackberries and white spice as the wine opens and shows character. Serve slightly chilled on a warm day or at room temperature on a cool night.

13.7% ABV
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